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SLO 100 tube head modification! | Guitar Dreamer This nice SLO 100 tube amp head was hand built by Brit Tone amplifiers UK. It's a Soldano SLO 100 replica made using high quality components.

Soldano Amp Schematic - The guitarist in my band had one, and unlike the Marshall Super Lead he had before it, he could crank the Soldano to the point of power amp overdrive and it was surprisingly tolerable, even in fairly small venues. I could send you the schematics) "Take these three items, some WD-40, a vise grip, and a roll of duct tape.. Soldano Amps and when available, downloads such as Soldano amp schematics and other. In the '90s, Fender released an affordable '59 Bassman reissue amplifier to. This totally awesome and increasingly scarce early 1990s Yamaha T50C combo tube amplifier features a 50 watt head designed by Mike Soldano. Here's the history: my father was a floor supervisor at the Yamaha Music Mfg plant in Thomaston, GA, whose guitar skills and musical background were called upon to assist in sound tests on various prototype gear, speakers and cabinets, including the.

Jan 05, 2000  · Hi, I'm preparing to build from scratch a Soldano SLO 50 watt head, but I've got a couple questions for the local Soldano clone guru's. The schematic I have (from Steve A's site) is kinda scratchy at a couple points, first: connected to the plate of V1B (the input triode) there is a ".02 uf" cap then a "470 k" resistor with a "002 uf" cap in paralell to it.. Soldano Astroverb 16 and LP SpecialSoldano Astroverb is a KILLER mini amp i built using the schematic kindly posted at Soldano Amps · Soldano Astroverb 16 Amp · Soldano Avenger 50W Amp · Soldano Avenger 100W Amp · Soldano Decatone Amp · Soldano. Guitar Amplifier Soldano SLO-100 Details Category: Gallery Published: Tuesday, 09 January 2018 09:55 Schematic diagrams and layout which I have used. At this I finished another day of amplifier assembling. Day 5. The next day I decided to assemble power stage of the amplifier..

May 17, 2011  · The amp is a Soldano X88R Tube Preamp. ive built only the lead channel without the EQ stack. i will attach both the original pdf schematic i found online, and the modified version i built the amp. My first +$1000 amp was a 1994 single channel Soldano Hot Rod 50. Fantastic amp. Granted it was hard to get clean tones out of it at any loud volume, the overdriven tones were wonderful.. 5 - 2000000 JJ Czechoslovakian ECC83 /12AX7S 4 - Tung Sol 5881 Power Tubes* *Power Tubes are matched. Some of the parts contained in this kit are subject to availability..

O'Netics Transformers are without equal in today's market. Tone, Tone, Tone and built in the severe duty category. C3 Amps is proud offer a custom SLO transformer set designed to make your SLO Project into the ultimate High Gain monster it was designed to be.. Help with biasing tubes on a Soldano SLO clone (self.ToobAmps) submitted 2 years ago * by v_acat_v Hey all, I'm in a slo 100 watt clone build and I'm trying to figure out where to set my multi meter to bias the power tubes (using 4 el34's).. May 21, 2015  · Whipped up a preamp schematic. Mine differs in that I will be using relay switching as opposed to the LDRs used in Soldano's circuit. Otherwise, I left it stock with all the bells and whistles since it looks like I can fit it all in there..

Jan 20, 2006  · Hi all Since there are some amp nuts and selfbuilders here (Pete and the others) i thought maybe somebody here is interested in some pics of my nearly finished 3 channel soldano. 2M2 100k IMB Input SOLDANO SP-77 15K Iou 100K X2bY. 47K 220K Xlb 10K 100K 100K 47n 100 2K2 R 35 r; 19 < 300K 11<8 220K 1M Xåb • 100K X.4a 47K.

5W Soldano SLO | DIY Fever And back view…You can see small toggle switch for switching between 2 and 8 ohm taps for NFB loop.
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